J Williams New Release Music Video 'Live it Up'

Stephen Vaifoou has produced the CGI FX to this video. The story to the video is reflective of the inner demons we face and overcome. The dancing at the end is reflective of moving forward like as the song says 'let it go'. In the original story outline he was in his dressing room and sitting in front of the mirror and the demon was more coming from behind and the ending part of the CGI FX was jumping out onto a stage through a video screen but budget and time were tight and didn't allow for it. So CGI FX was adapted to the changes.
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Keep one eye on the mirror!!! Clarity and detail of the CGI are not quite as good as the original file but it still looks awesome!!! You know, looking at that scene above it blows my mind what simple beginnings it started from, check out Steve's showreel as it shows a sample of it. The numerous hours involved!!! I'm in awe of the incredible talent of my son. Click here to see the model of J Williams development. I hope you enjoy watching the music video!!!



Stephen Vaifo'ou - Modelling, rigging, dynamics, background scenery, lighting, texturing, blending CGI with the real filming, and matte painting, plus editing and compilation. Creative Ideas.

His Team

Liesl D'souza - Character animation, close up of maze modelling. Creative Ideas.

Shirley Todd - Story outline, robe design, drawing some background filler in buildings, behind the impressive main buildings her son, Steve, drew, and her arches she always points out just to the left in the picture above (joke between her and her son, LOL). Steve made them look like a bridge which was a really good idea!! Creative Ideas.

Plus everybody else that was involved in the making of this awesome production!!!

My Music Video Journey
Shirley Todd

The other day I decided to go back over the journey right back to the beginning from when this adventure all began, prior to and to the first brainstorming session I had with Stephen to find a storyline for the video, but how to do this as the journey started a few months ago? This is where messenger history came in, I was so thrilled to find that first brainstorming session, the moments and the time that ideas came into my head, and believe me there were quite a few ideas that I'd tossed my son's way, maybe never to be used and even forgotten but that are worth storing for if another music video and/or to make a short story opportunity should come knocking at my door and one of those discarded ideas could suit. It was so much fun to read, and so I decided I'm going to print it out and make a journal, for when I'm old and grey (fast approaching now I'm over, cough, cough, 50) so I can relive this awesome experience. And those discarded ideas, that I might have forgotten, I'm going to print them out and put them into a folder. I even found my original idea that inspired the U-netverse, but in its simplified state, it could be adapted for a music video. Hmm.. that reminds me I must go back and find it again before it gets deleted from messenger history. Yep, if ever I have another opportunity to be involved in something like this again, I'd make sure to start the journal from day one as its awesome and thrilling to go back over and read. It's also awesome to see the different creative ideas, that all contributed, come to fruition to make this a fun music video adventure! What an exciting journey this has been!!! The most enjoyable part for me, has been the hours on messenger and even web cam talking with my son about the different parts of the video, and see it grow step by step. The most exciting part was to see it premiered on TV!!!

So I'm going to spend the next few weeks, compiling the messenger conversations and organizing them for my journal.


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