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Stephen Vaifoou The awesome poster on the home page and the titles on the web pages were designed by Stephen Vaifoou, otherwise called 540 Studios, pronounced as 5.4.0. He would be the director of our film. He comes with awesome CGI talent. To view some of his work click here. Also the zombie rom-com short film Rotting Hill, he worked on when attending Media Design School and created the CGI FX for the head gun shot exploding scene, it has gotten half a million plays on vimeo, and over 60,000 hits on Youtube, and has won awards at the La Movie Awards including Best Special Effects. He plays the scary looking zombie in the blue and white jacket in the opening scenes. Rotting Hill is also a nominee for Best Young Production at Animago. Currently, he's just finished producing the CGI for a music video which has a link to it in the left column. He is busy compiling his latest showreel. He is extremely talented, we look forward to seeing what he does in the future!!!

Media Design School has just put a website up for Rotting Hill you can view it here they have the making of it including information on Stephen's part in the process of its production.

Shirley Todd Is the next member of the team who is the author of the U-netverse and is the proud mum of Stephen, above, and 3 other very talented grown up children. To view some of her work click here. She likes to take more of a research role and help where needed as she has done in helping her son Stephen with the music video. It's going to be the first time for Shirley to see a story outline, she wrote, on TV. It was while she was helping her son with ideas for this music video that the U-netverse popped into her head and has developed and taken on a life of its own.

Shirley has had so much fun creating the U-netverse and exploring the new words she has thought up for the story. She has had fun in developing the characters and seeing all the possibilities for this U-netverse in her head. She'd love to see it as a 3D CGI animated film but all would depend on the budget as to it's possibilities. It would also be suited to real life actors and mixed with CGI effects.

Music Video Adventure
Shirley Todd

What was the most important thing that I've seen from being part of a music video production? That no one person makes a music video, and no one idea, it takes a team!!! I watched a simple story outline (which had a beginning, a middle, and an end) adapt, develop and grow into an awesome music video story with the cumulative talent and ideas from all involved in its production. From the camera crew and 'real life' production team, to the talents of those in the CGI FX and animation production team, and yes, even me!!! To the incredible talent of the singer and dancers and the choreography! Also from those of the music company!!! Not forgetting, and most importantly, the words and music of the song!!!

I hope you will enjoy watching the music video as much as I did in watching and participating in its development!!!


Was awesome to watch, its to J Williiams new song LIVE IT UP!!!!
Dated 1-11-2011

I think we felt in its transition to TV the CGI quality suffered a bit, looks sharper on the PC's. But still an awesome music video!!!

Stay Tuned In For More Updates!!!

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