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A Comazyte is a human person in the Yonverse (our world) who is glued to the computer and forever on the net; he/she has no real friends and is like a comatose zombie staring at the computer screen in a hypnotic trance. Well, this is the name that Hatchet-Hacket gave to these humans as he watched them through their web cams. He was amazed at their intensity and ability to block out everything else and stare continually, seldom blinking, into the computer screen for hour upon hour. Sadly, this was their undoing and enabled Hatchet-Hacket to develop the, Comazyte-n-abla Machine, which uses a computer program to draw the Comazyte humans into his world. Only Comazytes can become Trojans and so he needs as many humans as he can find from the Yonverse. There is, however, one drawback to his machine, a small glitch he calls it, and that is, the Comazytes still have 99 computer days to find Audwin, the Webmaster, who can then return them to their world, otherwise, their energy is converted into a u-netversal generic code which then intertwines with the U-netverse (the computer universe) and they stay trapped in there forever. But this doesn't worry Hacket as Audwin is constantly on the move and impossible to find.

Hacket has set his sights on Qrenin, a human teenage boy, and his guild, his online gaming friends. Within a week Qrenin loses contact with them all and he is puzzled as to why they aren't responding to his emails and web calls. Until Qrenin, himself, finds out firsthand the reason for their disappearance!


Qrenin and his guild friends are all loners in our world, the Yonverse, they are top gamers and their strategies are legendary. In the games they play online their characters all have special powers. But when they find themselves trapped on a foreign world in the U-netverse, they have to learn to become Netwise or be turned into Trojans. To survive they need to learn to rely on each other and develop their friendship and their skills to strategize without the special powers they had in the gaming world, and if they do so, they'll discover where the real power truly lies.

Shirley Todd © 2011


There are twists and turns to this story, not all is as clear cut as you might think, but adds to the interest to make this an enjoyable family adventure film!!!

Can't give all this story away and there is so much more . . .


Well apart from a great storyline, adventure, etc. For production companies looking for their next production contact us for more details of the story. There is potential for getting sponsorship from computer screen and computer companies and web cam companies and any retail company selling these. There is also potential for merchandising some of the new items and designs in this story!! Really worthwhile investigating this further, has potential plus!!!!

Stay Tuned In For More Updates!!!

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