What is the U-netverse

It is a computer universe. But what is it made up of and what does it look like?.

Who is Hatchet-Hacket

He's a very conceited, self-absorbed, glory and power seeking, evil person who lives in the U-netverse. He's named Hatchet, why, well it's cause he's always hatching plans and Hacket cause he . . . He watches us through the web-cams to find comazytes, because only comazytes can become Trojans. But why does he need Trojans and what are his plans?

What are Trojans

They are the comazytes that have been infected by Trojans. Once infected then the comazytes become Trojans. But how do the Trojans infect the comazytes and what is the purpose?


Who is Qrenin

Qrenin is a teenage boy who, after a tragic accident, has become introverted and uses the computer as his only contact to the outside world. His only friends are his guild, his online gaming friends. Unbeknownst to them all, Hachet-Hacket has been watching them through their web-cams and using his comazyte-n-abla machine to slowly draw their energy into the U-netverse, once their energy is drained to a certain level they . . . So what was the tragic accident that affected Qrenin so much? What happens to Qrenin and the Guild, his friends without a face? Why are they called, 'friends without a face'? What plans does Hacket have for them?

This is an exciting and thrilling adventure mixed in with a touch of humour. One person's awesome comment after reading the synopsis was that, 'it was the Matrix +Tron+ the 13th floor . . . sounds cool'! But is it the combination of the 3. . . NAH . . .it is an entirely new adventure in the realm of the IMAGINATION LIKE NOTHING YOU'VE SEEN BEFORE!!!


The Yonverse

The Yonverse is our world. At first I called it the real world, but that's been done before and so I thought I'd best put my thinking cap on and use my imagination. I then put myself in Hatchet-Hacket's shoes and all those living in the U-netverse and pretended to be looking out at our world, eventually the Yonverse came to mind. So to us our world is the real world but to those in the U-netverse theirs is the real world, so really, which is the real world????????????

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