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For CGI FX, modelling, rigging, dynamics, texturing, lighting, animation and more!!! Contact Stephen Vaifoou of 540 Studios. He's just finished producing the CGI FX for a music video, click here to view it. Check out some of his other work here

For storyboards, illustrations, web design, and so much more!!! Contact Craig Petersen, he has just completed the storyboards for three Starboy music videos. Check out the trailer for the first video here

ezyPrint Solutions. They offer digital offset printing for all your printing needs. Digital HP Indigo press uses liquid ink and is comparable to offset printing quality with the added advantage that it can print just one copy or thousands, which means they can print short-runs at competitive prices. Short-runs are great for turning your story idea into a book! Check out their website for more information.

Make My Movie. Support the 'Final 12' click like on your favourites.

For extra copyright protection this story is registered with the New Zealand Writers Guild. Remember Hachet-Hacket's watching YOU!!!

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